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Comedians perform free!

Many comedians have asked me if there is a charge. No, there is no charge for those signing up to go on stage. There may be a nominal fee for a video of the show, which we hope to be producing soon after. Check with me the night of the show or check back here.

Hello and welcome. If you are a comedian, please read on: Smiley face

I just threw this page together. It's temporary (like everything) Computer man

Hopefully, this serves to provide more information about the shows. They are held the 3rd Thursday of every month. Such as 5/15, 6/19, 7/17 and 8/21. All comics are welcome. We are also open to some poetry. We will have to see how that goes. We may have to have a limit on poets, since the focus of the show is comedy!

We like to give everyone a chance!

We try to start on time.


Pharmacy Coffee Gallery
1300 S. 18th Street, Philadelphia
(18th & Wharton Streets)

House Rules

Signup is 7 PM. Show starts at 8 PM. Performance order is by lottery. This means your place on stage is determined in a random manner. Consequently, you might have a slot where there is a large, fresh audience, or you could be playing to 3 drunks at 1 AM. Hopefully, the former is more likely. For young comedians, we hope this provides opportunity, while not discouraging the experienced players. For the seasoned veteran, you should know that your ability to hold the room helps determine your time on stage. Pete Walker uses state of the art laugh-o-meter technology which measures the intensity, duration and type of audience responses (eg, laughter versus applause) to decide whether you are given more stage time. If you don't have a laugh in a minute or two, you will be given The Light. I hope we all know what that means.

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Our First Show

Our first show was May 15th. We only had a few comics, but the crowd was great. Everyone got to do as much time as they wanted, which was pretty nice for the comedians. The audience seemed to be having a great time also.

Uncle Pete's Comedy Tips

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